Equity in San Diego County

The County of San Diego is dedicated to creating a more equitable and just world. It acknowledges past injustices and current structural barriers to equality and is actively working to repair the harm to our communities. This Equity Indicators report is one of the many steps the County is taking to address inequity. It identifies impacts of racism and other forms of oppression. It can empower all of us to create strategies to help eliminate inequity. Centuries of discriminatory policies and practices have been woven into the fabric of this country. They have created and perpetuated inequity in many parts of life, including health, safety, education, wealth, and social mobility. People in America can unfairly be less healthy, less safe, less educated, earn less and achieve less just because of their race and ethnicity, gender, immigration status, disability, class and even geography.
The County of San Diego commits itself to working with everyone to co-create solutions that will improve life outcomes for all people. To team up with all sectors of government, nonprofit organizations, businesses, people and community groups. Dismantling unjust structures is not just the morally right thing to do. It can also unlock the economic potential of people who have been systematically held back, foster belonging across communities and energize neighborhoods. That benefits us all.
 This report shows data at a single point in time, generally for the year 2021, but these disparities are the result of long-term trends that are expected to change slowly as attitudes, policies, and systems change.
34 indicators were selected across 10 "themes", or categories, based on review of research, data availability, work completed by other jurisdictions, and stakeholder input. Click on the tiles below to learn more about the indicators within each theme. 
Additional Information
Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.
- James Baldwin
Updated February 7, 2024