Percentage of Roads Opened Within 24 Hours of An Emergency Closure

This goal is measured by tracking the percentage of roads open within 24 hours of an emergency.

Storm-Related Road Work

Why is this important?

Keeping roadways open allows citizens to access businesses, schools, hospitals and other essential facilities, or to simply get to and from their homes with minimal impact. Clearing roads of potential hazards allows for safe and efficient travel throughout the County.

What is the goal?

To achieve the highest level of road availability and safety and therefore provide customer service to citizens needing to utilize the roadways for essential business.

How is this measured?

Tracked quarterly, the rate of road openings within 24 hours will give us a clear indication of our performance.

What's next?

By tracking the time needed to open roads after an emergency, this measure will allow us to track road availability, review situations where closures occur for potential improvements in communication between agencies involved in the response, and ensure safe and efficient operations of our facilities.