Employee Engagement

How are we doing?

The County of San Diego currently has a 78% rating on employee engagement, based on the approximately 2000 responses to a survey that was sent in December 2018. Other nationally recognized surveys have reported an overall rating of 34%. 

How is it measured?

The County distributed the survey and analyzed the responses. Questions in the survey related to: 
  • Perceptions of ethical conduct 
  • Perception of diversity and inclusion 
  • Job satisfaction
  • Engagement
Of the employees who received the email, 22% responded and gave an overall average rating of 78% based on the above categories.  

Why is it important?

Engaged employees mean lower staff turnover, improved productivity and efficiency, and better customer service. We recognize it is also important to have a diverse workforce that represents the communities the County serves.  And it means to keep that workforce safe and healthy through training and activities.

Where are we going?

The County is committed to being the best employer in the United States. We cultivate a skilled, adaptable, and diverse workforce to make sure superior services are delivered to the residents and visitors of the County of San Diego.