Life Expectancy

Life expectancy describes the overall health status of a population.

How are we doing?

In San Diego County, a baby born today is expected to live an average of 82.1 years.  That is longer than the averages in both  California and the United States.  Females live longer.  On average, females born today in San Diego County are expected to live 4.3 years longer than males.

How is it measured?

Life expectancy at birth is measured as the average number of years a baby born today is expected to live if current mortality patterns continue throughout his or her lifetime.

Why is it important?

Life expectancy is a widely used indicator for the capability to live a long and healthy life.  It reflects the overall mortality of a population.  It measures quantity rather than quality of life.  Evaluations, such as Blue Zones, Healthy People 2010 and Healthy People 2020, all measure the life expectancy as an indicator of success.
We know in San Diego County, more than half of all deaths can be attributed to four preventable diseases, resulting from three bad behaviors:  Poor nutrition; lack of physical activity; and tobacco and substance use.  We focus our efforts on preventing these chronic diseases; giving us the best chance to positively impact the life expectancy of our population.  It also helps the bottom line.  A population that lives longer means significant savings to taxpayers by supporting a healthy, safe and thriving community.

Where are we going?

As the County continues to advance the Live Well San Diego vision of healthy, safe and thriving communities, it invests in programs and initiatives that support the health of all residents.
Seniors performing modified exercise.