Increase the compliance rate of price verification inspections to 90 percent by June 2021

This goal is measured by tracking the compliance rate of price verification inspections.

How are we doing?

This fiscal year, we have a goal to increase the number of retail business charging accurate prices (no overcharges) to 90%, when customers pay for merchandise at the cash register.  Currently, we are at 88.8% compliance at the end of the 1st Quarter.

Why is this measure important?

The compliance rate of our registered retail businesses for price accuracy at the cash register is important because it promotes  consumer confidence and a fair marketplace. By increasing compliance, it ensures customers are not overcharged for their purchases and business is conducted on a level playing field. 

Where are we going?

We are committed to continue keeping a high level of compliance for price accuracy by conducting our inspections and informing retail business about our price verification program.

How is this measured?

We are tracking the number of retail businesses where no overcharges are found during inspections. The compliance rate of 90% is the goal for the FY 20-21 Operational Plan.