Fiscal Stability

Strong Fiscal Management
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Tax Base and Real Estate Market
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At the heart of the County's stability - even in times of uncertainty - is its fiscal discipline and systemic financial planning and monitoring. It is important for the County to have strong fiscal management to ensure the County can continue to provide core services and the mix of other services sought by members of the public.  Read more...
The size, diversity, and strength of a local government’s tax base impact its ability to generate financial resources.  Changing economic conditions - including changes in the real estate market - impact the county's revenue and workload, along with the strategies used to manage the public's resources.  Read more...
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Pensions represent an important component of the County’s long term financial obligations. It is important to measure changes in the pension liability so that the County can best plan for the long-term. Three ways to look at the County's pension obligations are the pension funded ratio, unfunded actuarial accrued liability, and the net pension liability.