Food Inspection Grades

This is a measure of Food Grades tracked as a percent of inspections scored or closed

How are we doing?

San Diego has over 15,000 permitted food facilities that allow residents and visitors a wide variety of dining options. Routine inspections by the Department of Environmental Health Food and Housing Division protect public health.   All permitted food facilities that prepare food are required to post an "A", "B" or "C" card in the front window.  The grade reflects the food safety and sanitation level during the last inspection.  The scoreboard above reflects the compliance grades at these facilities and may reassure the public about food safety at local food facilities. 

How is this measured?

The Department of Environmental Health conducts inspections of food facilities, including food trucks, on a routine and complaint basis for compliance with food safety practices and sanitary practices.  The total number of inspections conducted in a month are grouped by inspection grades (A, B, C) and includes the number of closures. More information on the grading system can be found at: SDFoodInfo 

Why is this important?

Posting food grades allows customers to make informed decisions on where to dine by providing information on food health and safety compliance.  The grading system also allows the County to identify the need for interventions at food facilities and proactively reach out and educate operators. allows you to search inspection results for thousands of restaurants, food trucks, and markets across the county. You can download the mobile app today.

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