Measure the number of new housing units built by June 2020

This goal is measured by tracking the number of new housing units where construction is completed.
Comparison of Housing Units Issued and Built
This chart represents both housing permits issued and housing units built. While not all permits that are issued will result in built homes, these metrics act as indicators for the overall state of growth and economic vitality in our communities.

How are we doing?

Between 7/1/17 and 9/30/17, 139 housing units have been built. This represents 23% of our goal. We are on track to see 600 housing units built per fiscal year. 

Why is this important?

Housing is a key economic indicator in our region and has an effect on related industries, such as banking, the mortgage sector, raw materials, employment, construction, manufacturing and real estate. Typically, in a strong economy, demand for new homes is higher; conversely, in a weak economy, demand for new homes is lower. In San Diego, our current supply continues to fall short of demand.
 By tracking the number of housing units built, we are providing key data in determining the increasing housing supply as well as the overall economic health and vitality of the County.

Where are we going?

As we anticipate an increasing need for housing, we are monitoring both housing permits issued as well as housing units built. This data provides us with the ability to determine whether this increasing need will be adequately met and how resources can be directed to best serve customers.

How is this measured?

This is measured by tracking the number of homes that have completed final inspection within each fiscal year.

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