Maintain Pavement Condition above 70 index through February 2020

This goal is measured by tracking the Pavement Condition Index.


A computerized pavement management system categorizes the deficiencies on any given segment of roadway. The amount and severity of the deficiencies translates to a pavement condition index (PCI) for the segment of roadway between 0 and 100, with 0 representing a failed roadway and 100 representing a roadway in excellent condition.

Why are we measuring this?

Measuring the PCI allows staff to analyze which roadways are in need of specific surface treatments. and allows staff to apply the proper preventative maintenance treatments at the right time in the life of the roadway to ensure efficient use of available funds.  From the public’s perspective, roads matter…well-paved roads are a core “quality of life” measure for our residents and can contribute (or not) to economic vitality.

What is the outcome we are trying to drive?

As funding becomes available, the application of the proper treatment at the appropriate time in a pavement’s life-cycle will improve the overall PCI of County roads.

Are we better off?

Tracked quarterly the PCI will provide a measure of the overall quality of County roads. Tracking the change in PCI will allow the County to determine how we’re doing maintaining our roads, and combined with adequate funding, allow us to address roadway deterioration.

Driving our operational performance

This measure will allow us to track road conditions over a period of time and assist in analyzing whether adequate investment is being made in roadway infrastructure, as well as whether our treatments are working.   It also drove our presentation to the BOS regarding the conditions of our roads and funding issues.