Wireless Cell Site Projects with discretionary approval in the current Fiscal Year (through March 2022)

This goal is measuring the number of approved discretionary permits for Wireless Cell Site Projects (new installations and modifications).

Discretionary Approval and Completed Wireless Cell Projects
This chart represents both wireless cell sites permitted and wireless cell sites built.
Tracking permitted wireless cell sites acts as a leading indicator for those sites that may be built in the future. By tracking the wireless cell sites that are built, we are able to provide information regarding the number of cell sites placed into service resulting in the increased ability of individuals and emergency personnel to easily access information.

How are we doing?

Between 7/1/17 and 9/30/17, we approved 16 discretionary permits for new or modified wireless cell sites. This is an average of 5 permits per month. Approving these discretionary permits is a key step in increasing cellular coverage.

Why is this important?

Whether during emergencies or in the course of everyday interactions, the flow of information is critical in maintaining safety and convenience for our County's residents, particularly those living or travelling in rural areas. 
Increasing the number of wireless cellular sites is an important factor in ensuring access to communications for County residents. By tracking the number of permits that are approved, we are able to monitor this metric as a leading indicator for the increased communications capacity that would result through the building of additional wireless cell sites.

Where are we going?

We monitor both approved and completed permits for cellular sites to assist in determining the capacity to provide access to information and respond to residents in emergencies. As more wireless cell sites are completed in the unincorporated areas of San Diego County, additional communications capacity is being added that enhances both customer convenience and safety. This increased communications capacity can help to reduce dropped calls and increase cellular coverage areas.

How is this measured?

This is measured by utilizing a computer-generated report with information gathered from the Planning & Development Services permit database.  The report tracks the number of discretionary permits that are approved for new or modified wireless cell sites each fiscal year.

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