Increase Open Space preserved by the Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements (PACE) program in acres through September 2020

This goal is measured by tracking the number of Open Space acres preserved by the PACE program.

How are we doing?

Since the program's inception in 2014, the County has preserved 1,761.85 acres of land for agricultural use.
The PACE annual acreage goal for the current fiscal year is 230 acres per year.

Why is this important?

The County is committed to promoting the long-term preservation of agriculture.
 Agriculture is an important component of our local food system and economy.  Agricultural land in the County has been diminishing in recent years and through the Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements (PACE) program, the County has taken a leadership role in protecting and conserving land for agricultural.  Working closely with local stakeholders, the County has helped farmers continue their agricultural operations.
Our award-winning PACE program is intended to preserve agricultural land in the County. The program is based on the framework of what is traditionally referred to as a Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) program. Under the PACE program, willing agricultural property owners are compensated for placing a perpetual easement on their agricultural property that limits future uses and extinguishes future development potential. As a result, the agricultural land is preserved and the property owner receives compensation that can make its continued use for agriculture more viable.

Where are we going?

We have set a goal of preserving 230 acres of agricultural land each fiscal year through conservation easements. This goal was established based on the annual fund allocation from our County’s Board of Supervisors. The goal has been met each year since the PACE program was established.

How is this measured?

This goal is measured by calculating the number of acres that have been preserved through the PACE program in each fiscal year.

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