Number of Code Compliance cases closed through March 2022

Measured by tracking the number of Code Compliance cases closed.
Comparison of Code Compliance Cases Opened and Closed 
This chart represents both the open and closed cases for the Codes Compliance Team averaged by month and year. Tracking this data allows us to see both the impact being made in communities as well as how to direct resources to best serve customers. We aim to resolve compliance issues through education and collaboration with community members.

How are we doing?

Between 6/1/19 and 9/30/19, we closed an average of 273 cases per month. We are currently, exceeding our projection of closing an average of 120 cases per month.

Why is this important?

Residents want a safe, health and thriving community that they can be proud of.
By tracking code compliance cases, we can monitor the impact being made as we resolve issues surrounding graffiti, zoning violations and other public safety and aesthetics concerns and identify areas for improvement. One of our primary objectives is to educate community members about County codes and regulations. We work with and encourage residents to voluntarily resolve compliance issues on their properties.
 If you have a concern regarding a code compliance issue in an unincorporated community in San Diego County, please visit our Code Compliance webpage for more information. Code compliance complaints can be submitted online through our website or by using the new Tell Us Now mobile application.

Where are we going?

Public health and safety are key components of thriving communities. Our Code Compliance Team is working to quickly address community concerns through timely and responsive assistance to residents. We aim to resolve compliance issues through education and collaboration with community members.

How is this measured?

This is measured by utilizing a computer-generated report with information gathered from the Planning & Development Services permit database.  The report tracks the number of code compliance cases that have been resolved and closed in the database.

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